About Type-Net for Schools

Type-Net for schools

Type-Net for Schools was conceived by Type&Test and launched on 4th January 2011. Click here to see a list of the schools that have joined Type-Net so far.

Type-Net is a community of schools using the latest ´Typequick´ online courseware. Type-Net allows member schools the scope to provide online ´Typequick´ typing training to as many pupils and staff as they wish. The unprecedented low price that Type-Net member schools enjoy is achieved through the economies of scale brought about by a growing membership.

In addition to its low prices, and the freedom to provide the ´Typequick´ training to unlimited numbers of pupils, there are other benefits that Type-Net membership brings and these benefits will widen as the scheme develops and attracts more member schools.  We’ll keep members informed via occasional emailed newsletters along with news items on this web site.