Type-Net the Online typing trining community for schools

At Type&Test, we strongly believe that every school pupil should have the opportunity to learn to type fast and accurately, using all their fingers and without looking at the keyboard. This is called ‘touch typing’.

We also firmly believe that touch typing is now an essential skill, given the extensive use of computers across the whole curriculum, and the increasing likelihood that they will be used for many examinations. This is despite the fact that typing is not yet on the National Curriculum, unlike in many other countries.

From research we conducted in 2010, of the 85% of UK schools that don’t teach keyboard skills, most cite three main reasons:-

  • they can’t afford it because there is no budget for it
  • teachers don’t have the time and/or expertise on this particular subject
  • there is no room in the timetable for it

With Type-Net, all these issues have been successfully addressed to make it easier and more affordable for schools to deliver high quality typing training than ever before.